study English at 科見

yesternight,I’m go to study english in 科見.
My teacher Leoma tell me,
My homework on letter is bad…
She Say:beautiful girl to beautiful write letter

yesterday 後面要用過去式 所以應該寫成
I went to study English at 科見 yesterday and my teacher Leoma told me that
I did not do my homework well.
She also said that “beautiful girl should write beautiful letters.”
你的句子都稍微短了一點 所以妳們老師可能覺得你寫的文法也許不會錯很多 只是文句不夠順暢

You should practice it more and read more articles then you could learn how
to write it well.
I had a wonderful weekend at Taipei and I deeply appreciated your patience.
Although the time was short but the feelings was real.
Be stronger and keep in the right way to your goal.
Write it more and use more complicated words or sentences.
The vocabulary is important so you should pay more effort on it.
Have a nice day my lovely cousin!

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